About us

Norsk Kleber has been developing and manufacturing soapstone stoves and fireplaces since 1893.

As a fireplace manufacturer, we are concerned about safety, the environment, clean combustion and good design. Not least, we aim to preserve and use the heat-retaining properties of soapstone.

We have developed a wide range of stoves that utilise exactly these properties in the best possible way. Norsk Kleber collaborates with experienced industrial designers, also to ensure that our stoves have a contemporary look – we want our furniture to fit in well with your furniture.

At Norsk Kleber, we like to say that “our stoves provide warmth that lasts”. We combine tradition and innovation with an eye toward functionality, quality and good design. Buy your next stove from Norsk Kleber and cherish it!

Norsk Kleber AS
Office/factory Otta: Skansen 29, 2670 Otta 
Tlf. +47 61236960

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