Kristin with flat top

kristin-flat-toppKristin is a beautiful, tall soapstone stove that provides long-lasting warmth. This stove heats a large area and is well suited to rooms with high ceilings. This model is supplied with either the characteristic crown or a flat top. The cover in the topmost front stone is supplied in the same colour as the door. Choose between gilded, nickel-plated, black or grey doors. A standard smoke outlet is at the back. Side or top outlets are optional.

Technical specifications

With crown/flat top:
Output: 5–10 kW
Log length: 30 cm
Depth x Width x Height
54 cm x 54 cm x 205 cm
54 cm x 54 cm x 196 cm
Height to smoke tube outlet: 180.3 cm
Distance to timber side/back: 35/35 cm
Distance to firewall side/back: 10/10 cm
Weight: 580 kg

Base plate

Base plate for Babina, Merethe, Kristin, corner plate 95/95 cm

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