Kube 3

Kube is a rectangular soapstone stove with straight, simple lines and a good view of the flames from three sides. This stove comes in three versions. Kube 3 is a small, harmonious stove that is easy to place. Kube 4 is a medium- sized stove. Kube 5 is a tall stove whose fire chamber in the third section maximises the view of the flames. This stove can be placed against a straight wall or in a corner. Choose between black or grey doors and side windows. These models are supplied with soapstone sides or with windows on one or both sides. A fresh-air duct can be connected to the stove. A standard smoke outlet is at the back. Side or top outlets are optional.

Technical specifications

Output: 4–8/5–10/5–10 kW Log length: 35 cm
Depth x Width x Height
44 cm x 52 cm x 121 cm
44 cm x 52 cm x 147 cm
44 cm x 52 cm x 166 cm
Height to centre of smoke tube outlet: 106.3/132.3/151.3 cm
Distance to timber side/back: *70–35/35 cm
Distance to firewall side/back: *20–10/10 cm
Weight: 400/480/535 kg

*Model with side windows needs a larger gap to the wall

Base plate

Kube straight wall plate 80/90 cm.
Suited for: Kube, Brede, Pisa, Oscar.