Merethe + 110


Merethe Plus is a tall, slim soapstone stove with a bowed front. Refining the original Merethe stove, Merethe Plus of- fers a good view of the flames on three sides. The fire chamber is in the third section, making the flames easily visible above furniture and from everywhere in the room. Choose between black or grey doors. This model is supplied with soapstone sides or with windows on one or both sides.

Merethe Plus can easily be placed in a corner or in front of a straight wall. A fresh-air duct can be connected to the stove. A standard smoke outlet is at the back. Side or top outlets are optional.

Technical specifications

With side windows:
Output: 3-8 kW.
Log length: 30 cm
Depth x Width x Height
50.5 cm x 49.5 cm x 110 cm
Height to centre of smoke tube outlet: 95,3 cm
Distance to timber side/back: *75-35/35 cm
Distance to firewall side/back: *40-10/*20-10 cm
Weight: 350 kg

*Model with side windows needs a larger gap to the wall

Base plate

Base plate for Babina, Merethe, Kristin, corner plate 95/95 cm

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