Octo 50 -4 sections

octo-50-4The Octo is a classic among soapstone stoves and has been on sale since the early 1980s.

Its characteristic octagonal design is just as relevant and popular today. These models come in different versions and heights, with either small, classic doors or high, modern doors and side windows. Octo Plus has a high fire chamber and a good view of the flames from three sides. It comes with soapstone sides or with windows on one or both sides, and with either grey or black doors (an additional variant features a black, nickel-plated door and no side windows). Choose between five or six sections.

Octo 50, the classic, traditional stove with a low door, is available in heights of three to six sections. Choose between black, grey, gilded or nickel-plated doors. The design is by Bjørn Hulte`n.

Octo Plus and Octo 50 can be connected to a fresh-air duct.

Technical specifications

Output: 3–7/4–8/5–10/6–12 kW
Log length: 30 cm
Depth x Width x Height
50 cm x 50 cm x 110 cm
50 cm x 50 cm x 140 cm
50 cm x 50 cm x 170 cm
50 cm x 50 cm x 200 cm
Height to smoke tube outlet: 95.3/125.3/155.3/185.3 cm
Distance to timber side/back: 35/35 cm
Distance to firewall side/back: 10/10 cm
Weight: 300/370/440/480 kg

Base plate

Base plate for Octo, corner plate 95/95 cm, straight wall plate 70/95

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