Otta 103

otta-103Otta is a high-quality, traditional soapstone stove that is a popular choice for householders and cabin owners. Otta is a small, practical and very efficient stove, with either two or three sections. Otta is supplied with a Dovre glass door. A standard smoke outlet is at the back. Side or top outlets are optional.

Victor II is a small soapstone stove with a bowed front. It is highly suited to small rooms, niches or cabins. It comes with a black, grey, gilded or nickel-plated door, with or without a base plate and with either an open or enclosed front below the fire chamber. The smoke outlet is at the back.

Technical specifications

Output: 4–9/5–10 kW
Log length: 35 cm
Depth x Width x Height
58 cm x 37 cm x 85 cm
58 cm x 37 cm x 115 cm
Height to smoke tube outlet: 70.2/100.2 cm
Distance to timber side/back: 35/30 cm
Distance to firewall side/back: 10/10 cm
Weight: 240/310 kg

Base plate

Base plate for Otta og Tove,  50/98 cm

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