Tove 3

tove-3Tove is a small stove with the simple and traditional de- sign of the Otta stove. The fire chamber is placed higher to make it easy to insert logs. The model is supplied with either two or three sections. Tove is supplied with the Dovre glass door. A standard smoke outlet is at the back. Side or top outlets are optional.

Technical specifications

Output: 4–9/5–10 kW
Log length: 35 cm
Depth x Width x Height
52/58 cm x 37 cm x 100 cm
52/58 cm x 37 cm x 130 cm
Height to centre of smoke tube outlet: 85.3/115.3 cm
Distance to timber side/back: 35/30 cm
Distance to firewall side/back: 10/10 cm
Weight: 280/350 kg

Base plate

Base plate for Otta og Tove,  50/98 cm

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